Farmers are the lifeblood of the Wheatbelt

They are a vital part of WOA’s goal to be a game-changer in the way we approach diversified, regenerative farming in Australia. We speak to farmers across the Wheatbelt and hear a consistent story – they are ready for change.

They want change that allows producers to farm with lower risk and improved productivity; to farm in a way that encourages their children to return to Wheatbelt communities and protects the natural assets of their land. We are partnering with farmers to create and support changes in farming practices and systems. Our approach allows existing and new farmers to transition towards regenerative agriculture which restores the natural ecology, improves productivity and revitalises communities.

In particular, WOA is:

  • Providing access to innovative and flexible finance mechanisms for equity that can be utilised by farmers to transition to innovative farming systems
  • Building a network of support to demonstrate diversified, regenerative farming practises
  • Providing access to a marketing and distribution company which values the positive impact that farmers are having on communities and the land

Regenerative Farmer Advisory Council

WOA receives important guidance through its Regenerative Farmer Advisory Council.

The Council consists of five awarding-winning regenerative farmers (cereal and sheep enterprises), one organic cattle farmer and a leading, regenerative agricultural scientist.

The role of the Council is to advise the company on aspects such as procuring land, developing relationship structures for lease agreements, transition to holistic, regenerative farming practice and advocating both for WOA partnerships and for farmer adoption of diversified and regenerative farming techniques.

The collective expertise and wisdom of the Council will help inform WOA activities and decision making and provide pivotal guidance to WOA’s Land Assets subsidiary.

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