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Wide Open Agriculture Ltd (WOA) is a vertically integrated, food and agriculture company that regenerates ecosystems and revitalises communities in Western Australia’s Wheatbelt.

  • We distribute premium grass-fed beef and lamb to food services throughout Western Australia
  • We have a food brand, Food for Reasons™ to market fresh and processed healthy food products
  • We purchase land and partner with regenerative farmers to help restore the ecosystem and ensure long-term productivity

Our Strategy

Wide Open Agriculture 100% owns and operates three subsidiary companies that allow a complete vertical integration from regenerating landscapes to providing informed customers with a meaningful food experience.

Protected Cropping Holdings

This company is producing premium vegetables by using a proven, protected cropping system. We are implementing low-risk, smart shade house technology to deliver jobs and fresh vegetables to the Wheatbelt, the Perth metropolitan area and ultimately into Asia.

Food for ReasonsTM

This is our authentic, healthy food brand which markets fresh and packaged food products. The provenance of food is becoming more important, and there is an appetite for consumers to know more about what goes into their food, where it is grown and who benefits when they purchase it. We have developed a genuine food brand that tells the story of the 4 returns and that will be the vehicle for selling fresh and packaged premium products produced under regenerative farming systems.

Land for Reasons

This company manages our land assets by purchasing land through innovative financing platforms and partnering with regenerative farmers to restore the natural ecology and long-term productivity of the Wheatbelt. By acquiring land to lease back to our farmer-partners, we hope to transition up to 100,000 hectares of land to natural functionality and deliver 4 returns to the environment and the regional community.

4 returns

The 4 returns framework was created by the Commonland Foundation to develop a landscape restoration economy.

Our goal is to create opportunities to revitalise the Wheatbelt, to help restore the ecosystem, to ensure long-term productivity, to encourage people back to the region and to inspire diverse, vibrant communities. To do this, we have adopted a unique business framework that delivers 4 returns:

  • Social Capital: Bringing back jobs and creating new business opportunities
  • Natural Capital: Restoring biodiversity, soil health and water quality
  • Financial Capital: Realising long-term sustainable profit
  • Inspiration: Giving people hope and a sense of purpose

WOA offers a scalable, impact investment that regenerates a global biodiversity hot-spot and the farming communities located within it. WOA has adopted an impact strategy that is low-risk, is secured by real assets (farmland) and delivers 4 returns to the Wheatbelt.

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