Food for ReasonsTM

Food for Reasons Pty Ltd (FFR) is a 100% WOA-owned subsidiary that focuses on our authentic food brand, Food for ReasonsTM.

The Food for ReasonsTM brand sells fresh and packaged premium food products produced by regenerative, diversified farming systems.

The brand, which tells the story of 4 Returns, is designed to create a healthy, nutritious and authentic experience that revitalises rural communities and regenerates ecosystems.

Customers will have direct interactions with the farms and farmers who produce the food through traditional marketing (point-of-sale and posters) social media and experiential marketing (farm tours and speaking engagements by farmers in retail outlets).

The authenticity and nutritional value of FFR’s products will extract a premium from our target customers.

It is our goal that by 2022, Food for Reasons™ will be a recognised food brand in Australia and Asia.

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