Fresh premium vegetables

Protected Cropping Holdings Pty Ltd (PCH) is a 100% WOA-owned subsidiary that uses low-risk, protected cropping technology to grow fresh vegetables for the Wheatbelt, the Perth metropolitan area and ultimately, Asia.

Protected cropping systems minimise the common risks associated with open-field production including frosts, extreme hot or cold weather and hail damage, while optimising the growing conditions to maximise yield.

PCH grows exclusively for WOA’s wholly-owned brand, Food for ReasonsTM.

The Wedge Smart Shade House

PCH's first pilot plant is a 5,000 square metre Cravo retractable roof production system - The Wedge Smart Shade House - located in Arthur River in the Shire of Wagin.

The Wedge Smart Shade House was constructed in December 2016 and commenced growing in January 2017. The system demonstrated its capacity to grow high value vegetables including tomatoes and capsicums.

The growing system is responsive to customer demands for both variety of vegetables and regenerative farming practices.

The growing team has developed a rigorous, biological production system that includes crop planning, crop program, pest management and labour management. These practices optimise soil health, water use and system resilience. The systems are scalable and will be applied to future protected cropping operations.

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