We create food and drink products that create a better future for people and the planet

Better for the planet

Regenerative products that address the #1 untapped opportunity to tackle climate change

Better for consumers

Tasty, vibrant, nutritious, locally-sourced food and drinks staples that regenerate the planet

Better for farmers

Supporting, rewarding and celebrating local regenerative farmers


Invest in the future of food

Wide Open Agriculture is an ASX-listed company that is reinventing the way the world grows, thinks about, and buys food to create a better future for people and the planet.


World class, Australia-first products

Check out our growing portfolio of Australia-first regenerative food and drink products—that span 100% grassfed beef and lamb, oat milk and novel lupin protein.


Measurable and global impact

The current food system accounts for 34% of the world’s carbon emissions, which is why agriculture is now the #1 untapped opportunity to address climate change. Regenerative agriculture is our way of untapping this opportunity. Latest research (https://www.nature.com/articles/s43016-021-00225-9)


Led by industry experts

Bound together by a shared mission, we are led by a team of experienced, passionate operators in the world of finance, social and environmental innovation, branding, farming, , environmental science and food systems.


Committed to 4 Returns

WOA is a proud member of the 4 Returns network established and managed by Commonland Foundation. WOA's constitution recognises the importance of delivering 4 Returns across financial, natural, social and inspirational returns. Through Commonland we engage, learn and thrive alongside other organisations committed to 4 Returns and delivering large-scale landscape regeneration in Western Australia, Spain, South Africa, the Netherlands and many other landscapes throughout the world.

Join the 4 Returns movement at https://4returns.earth/.



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