Like us, our Regenerative farmers believe it starts with healthy soil

Healthy food comes from nurturing land and farming with nature, not against it.

Located throughout Western Australia’s Wheatbelt and South West, our farmers are committed to growing plants and raising animals in ways that regenerate the land, nurturing life back to plants, wildlife and waterways.

Farms with healthy soil teaming with microbes, humus and worms. Farms that are more resilient with less need for chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Commitment to Change

Like all change, regenerative agriculture is a journey and through a variety of farming practices the land can be regenerated over time. In return, we aim to ensure our farmers receive a fairer share of the end value of their food.

There's a global regenerative farming movement and our West Australian farmers are carefully selected according to their commitment to making this change.

All our farmers commit to a Regenerative Agriculture Plan for Soil, Biodiversity and Water that aligns to the Soil Carbon Initiative (SCI) an international standard designed to tackle climate change through Regenerative farming practices.

We are adopting this global standard focused on soil carbon, water stewardship, promotion of biodiversity and the farmer’s learning journey.

Find out more about our Dirty Clean FoodTM farmers here.

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