Board of Directors

Anthony (Maz) Maslin

Founder and Chairman

Maz is an entrepreneur and visionary in the world of social and environmental change. He is driven to bring new meaning and hope to the world through his companies and his work.

He started as a stockbroker 25 years ago, managing capital raisings and providing ethical investment advice.

In 1998 he founded Solar Energy Systems Ltd (now Solco Ltd), which became the first solar energy company to list on the ASX.

Since then he has consulted to and managed various listed companies, including five years as Managing Director of Buxton Resources Ltd.

In 2015 Maz and his wife Rin founded community art hub the Artspace Collective. They also founded and run the Mo, Evie and Otis Maslin Foundation, which focuses on early intervention for dyslexia.

"Wide Open Agriculture came about as the result of a discussion I had with (WOA partner) Commonland’s Hans Schut, when I was looking to find some meaning, some reason for living.

WOA has delivered on that.
Doing something that brings hope and inspiration to everyone involved is meaningful, rewarding and exciting work. The highlight of my day is when I see the same inspiration on the faces of new people who are introduced to the company."

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