Board of Directors

Ronnie Duncan

Non-Executive Director

Ronnie Duncan has extensive experience in top-line growth through purpose-led, brand strategy development. His skillset aligns to WOA’s focus on marketing and distribution of regeneratively farmed animal and plant-based food products to Australian and Asian markets.
Ronnie and Meerkats, the company he co-founded, have been responsible for iconic and effective promotional campaigns in Australia with clients including iiNet, Synergy and HBF.
Ronnie Duncan was the sole external advisor to the British Shadow Cabinet for the communications strategy in the 2001 British General Election. He was responsible for a AUD$25million marketing budget over six weeks. The political campaign was “widely regarded as one of the best series of political ads in history” (source: The Guardian, April 2004).
As Chairman of Meerkats, Ronnie has overseen the brand strategy for food-based clients. The brands of Harvey Beef, Southern Forests Food Council, Brownes Dairy, and WOA’s own food brand Dirty Clean Food have all been developed with Meerkats. 
Ronnie Duncan has a passion for regenerative agriculture, as he believes a shift in our food and agriculture system is the most effective, underdeveloped opportunity to redress climate change. He is a Committee Member of RegenWA, a network of farmers and industry stakeholders committed to an ecological approach to farming that encourages landscapes to renew themselves. He recognises WOA as the leading corporate opportunity in Western Australia to progress a positive shift in the food and agriculture system.


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