Buntine ProteinTM

Regenerative plant-based protein that actively fights climate change.



Our lupins are grown in the West Australian Wheatbelt using regenerative farming practices, designed to capture carbon and increase biodiversity. Lupins sequester nitrogen back into the soil, with a very low environmental footprint and minimal use of inputs. Our patented processing system is fossil-fuel free, uses renewable energy sources and uses no hazardous chemicals or solvents. 



An extraction, centrifugation and drying process is used to produce a shelf-stable protein-rich concentrate powder. Within this process we have implemented a unique patented step that, for the first time gives the resulting protein concentrate a neutral flavour and highly enhanced gelling and viscosity functionality, opening up a raft of new applications.



Plant-based dairy (milks, cheese and yoghurts), plant-based meats, gluten-free noodles and baked goods and protein supplements.



  • Enhanced gelling and viscosity adding structure, moisture retention and oil binding
  • Neutral flavour
  • Excellent dispersibility & solubility
  • Excellent nutritional value 
  • Regeneratively farmed with transparent supply chain 
  • GMO and gluten free 



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Dr Ben Cole, Managing Director

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