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Wide Open Land manages WOA’s portfolio of Western Australian Farmland. We manage farmland in alignment with Regenerative Agriculture Principles and the 4 Returns, 3 Zones landscape restoration framework, developed by our founding partners Commonland.

Wide Open Land is focused on delivering strong long-term financial returns alongside measurable environmental impact. Land is capital and the health of that land will determine the stability of financial yields for generations to come.

We believe that the true value of farmland investment lies in the long-term improvement of the capital asset, coupled with creative approaches to increasing on-farm cashflow by accessing market premiums.

Sourcing Investment Opportunities

Wide Open Lands has an extensive network, so we know about new property acquisition opportunities or ideal farming partners looking to expand. Our experienced team has a rigorous assessment methodology to identify farms in reliable locations with the best long-term return on investment potential.

Farmland Asset Management

Wide Open Lands offers a range of innovative farmland investment structures to suit individual investors. We manage the entire process from due diligence and farm selection through to whole farm master planning, yearly action plans, monitoring, impact measurement, financial reporting and direct operational management.

Impact Investment

Our robust farm management and impact assessment framework ensures our farms operate on a 10-20 year landscape regeneration plan, guaranteeing the continued improvement of your asset over time.

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4 Returns

All Wide Open Land farmland is managed in alignment with Regenerative Agriculture Principles and the 4 Returns, 3 Zones landscape restoration framework, developed by our founding partners Commonland.

This holistic restoration approach connects 3 different landscape zones (natural, economic and combined) for a period of 20 years, delivering 4 Returns – financial, natural, social and inspirational returns.


Our regenerative agriculture model aims to bring
4 Returns to the Wheatbelt

Natural Returns

Protecting and extending biodiversity, improving soil health and restoring waterways.

Financial Returns

Strong, sustainable financial returns

Social Returns

New jobs and a thriving vibrant community.

Inspiration Returns

Return of hope - a fresh approach, replicable across the Wheatbelt.


Statewide Hemp Trials

In May 2019 WOA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the WA Hemp Growers’ Cooperative Ltd (HempGro) to take part in WA’s largest Industrial Hemp Trial.

Supported by the Western Australian Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD), WOA is collaborating with HempGro in the ‘Right Seed for the Right Region’ project, a state-wide trial to identify the most suitable industrial hemp seed varieties for various WA conditions.

The Industrial Hemp trial will focus on open field production and identification of suitable sites is underway.

The open field site will be selected on the basis that it will provide the most relevant findings for large-scale, regenerative farmers in the south-west of Western Australia.

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