Dirty Clean FoodTM

Our food brand, Dirty Clean FoodTM offers regeneratively grown animal and plant-based products to Australian and Asian markets. Our food connects customers to healthy food, grown right; with a clear line of sight from regenerative farm to fork. To buy Dirty Clean FoodTM click here.

Our food connects customers with farmers who are committed to growing plants and raising animals on farms that regenerate the land – bringing new life to soil health, plants, wildlife and waterways.

Farms with healthy soil that has less need for chemicals and pesticides, sequestering carbon and tipping the balance back into our climate’s favour.

Our suppliers commit to a Regenerative Agriculture Plan for Soil, Biodiversity and Water that aligns to the Soil Carbon Initiative (SCI) an international standard designed to tackle climate change. 

∞ Regeneratively grown, nutritious food that tastes great

∞ Premium, quality ingredients

∞ Local sourcing with a short, transparent supply chain

∞ Clean labels with no nasties

∞ Recyclable or compostable packaging wherever possible

∞ Reliable processors focussed on food safety and quality


Regenerative Grass Fed Meat

Dirty Clean FoodTM has established a specialised, direct distribution platform for its range of premium grass fed, regeneratively farmed beef and lamb.

Products launched into Western Australia’s food service and restaurant sectors feature ethically treated Blackwood Valley Beef, Black Point Beef, Runnymede Farm Beef, CB Farming Lamb and Parker Farms Lamb.



Dirty Clean FoodTM has established an online sales channel, allowing consumers to purchase direct.

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