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Be part of a growing community

Be financially rewarded

Have your story celebrated

Receive the right support to focus on the work that matters

Regenerative farmers create a better future for people and the planet. In turn, one of the most important missions we are on is to meaningfully support them. Here’s how we do that(So we’re on the same page, check out our definition of regenerative)

Be financially rewarded

By taking out a middleman in the supply chain and creating a market for high-quality regenerative products, WOA is able to pay you a premium.


Have your story celebrated

Being a regenerative farmer takes tremendous knowledge, guts and hard work. Through creative packaging and the online world, WOA celebrates your story to build your reputation among a wider market.


Be part of a community

As a farmer, you’re literally leaving yourself wide open to the unpredictable elements. Plus, it’s lonely and hard work. When you partner with WOA, you are part of a community that can support you and help you reach your goals.


Focus on the work that matters

Usually, if a farmer wants to bypass the current supply chain, you will have to do everything yourself: from marketing and sales to transport and logistics. This takes you away from the farm. WOA takes care of all that, allowing you to focus on the work that matters.


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