Carbon Neutral

WOA has identified carbon as our key measure of impact.

Carbon is an excellent proxy measure for ecosystem health. WOA is committed to sequestering carbon through regenerative farming practices to tackle accelerating climate change. Our key practices to sequester carbon and reduce emissions are; scale up regenerative farming practices across Western Australia, increase access to plant-based food and drinks, eliminate food waste and reduce emissions in transport and refrigeration.

We have committed to become carbon neutral operationally by 2023. As a starting point, we have registered WOA Corporate and OatUp as carbon neutral with Climate Active

WOA Climate Active PDS

Dirty Clean Food Oat Milk Climate Active PDS


Regenerative Supplier Program

WOA's food brand, Dirty Clean Food (DCF) is committed to supporting and growing our network of regenerative farmers across Western Australia. Our supplier program consists of 4 components -

  1. Commitment to carbon neutrality
  2. Production Protocols
  3. Regen tier ranking and
  4. DCF Farmer Support

You can download our Regenenerative Supplier Program brochure here 


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